We had 23 entries in the festival – thank you to everyone that spent time building and displaying them, they were all amazing and brought so much fun and joy to the community!

89 Knollmead : Chatty Scarecrow (talk to it and he will tell you a joke or sing a song!)

37 Knollmead : Dennis the Menace

59 Vincent Ave : A scarecrow

77 Elmdene : Steampunk

26 Woodland Way : An upcycled Mr Trendy the scarecrow!

43 Alpine Avenue : We made our scarecrow on a rainy Sunday morning from milk and water bottles together with my two girls and partner.We had lots of fun making it,hope you like it .

94 Knollmead : A scarecrow

36 Firdene : ‘Scary’ dustman

102 Knollmead
 : My 3 year old son and his grandma have made a cowboy scarecrow

SunrayRecycle, Knollmead Allotments : SunrayRecycle Womble

2 Firdene : A scarecrow

143 Donald Woods Gardens : Betty Binbag made of stuff thrown away with her litter picker ready to go and tidy up

Sunray Community Centre : Hip Hop and Cheer Dancing Scarecrows 

124 Warren Drive South : Let’s see what “creation” the kids come up with

49 Knollmead : Wild boy

21 Hazelbank : A harvest festival theme

27 Hazelbank : Allotment man at rest

178 Knollmead : Time for tea 

19 Vincent Avenue : A scarecrow

28 Firdene : My scarecrow is inspired by the moon festival because their outfits are elegant and beautiful. This makes them the opposite of scarecrows and i wanted to make something outside the box. The moon festival is also in the same month of the harvest festival which makes it the perfect time to show of their outfits.

57 Knollmead : Gerald

29 Knollmead : A gardener scarecrow

138 Warren Drive south : Abbey’s scarecrow, Mr Bob