please see a message from Signal Court developers

Good afternoon Residents & Stakeholders
We would like to provide you with a short update on our progress with the S278 roadway works at the Tolworth development. 

 The works are progressing well and whilst we would like to apologise for any inconvenience that we and Conways may have caused over the last few weeks, we now need to move onto the final stage of the works. Hook Rise South was closed on 30th October 2023 and as you can see the kerb realignment and construction of traffic calming measures are all progressing well. The next phase of works, is to close the junction of Hook Rise South, A3 slip Road and Toby Way to allow the electrical connections and traffic calming to be built across the intersection. By closing this junction the access to Hollywood Bowl and to Drayton Court will change.  The diversion will be along the southbound of Kingston Road to the Worcester Park junction and then return northbound to Toby Way which will re-open on 23rd November, this will allow access to both Hollywood Bowl and Drayton Court car park. Egress for both, Hollywood Bowl and Drayton Court will be back along Toby Way onto Northbound Kingston Road.

Finally we would like to advise you that Lansdowne Close will revert back to Bus access only after Drayton Court, from 23rd November 2023, so if you are exiting from Drayton Court you will need to turn right only.