On the 20th February we posted on Sunray Community Facebook group and our local recycling group  – “noticed a lot of paper recycling bins with the same damage on the corner, Have Kingston Council been sold a bunch of cheap recycling bins? Does anyone know when we got our Blue Bins?”

We sent a letter to RBK, with the results of the survey with the issues and questions raised.

These are the results from the survey (these are also in the letter above)

We received a response from Councillor Hilary Gander.

Dear Janine and Ajantha,
Thank you for sending in these data and questions which I will pass on to the RBK Environment team.
It’s likely to take some time for the team to compile responses to all your questions. I’m afraid I can’t estimate how long. In the meantime let me reassure you and the residents you’re in touch with that there will be no charge where there is clearly a fault in the bins. We have asked Veolia to work with the manufacturer to investigate reports from residents of the blue-lidded bins particularly being brittle.
Similarly if there is evidence that the bins have been damaged by the bin men or the process of emptying them we will not be charging residents. The Environment team has asked Veolia to run ‘tool box talks’ reminding the crews about the proper handling of the bins. 
Best regards

Councillor Hilary Gander, Surbiton Hill Ward
Portfolio Holder, Environment & Sustainable Transport

On 1st April 2021, this was released on the kingston.gov.uk website

Council delays introduction of charges for replacement waste containers

Kingston Council is temporarily delaying the planned introduction of a £15 charge for residents requesting a new or replacement household waste or recycling container.

The introduction of new charges is being delayed following feedback from local residents regarding a possible issue with the quality of some household recycling containers.

The charges were due to be introduced on 1 April as part of the council’s cost saving measures to deliver a balanced budget for 2021/22 which focuses on supporting the borough’s residents and businesses to recover from the pandemic, and invest in the future.

Delaying the introduction of this charge will give the council an opportunity to further investigate the cause of the reported damage to these containers and the council does not feel it is appropriate to introduce the new charge until this issue can be resolved.

Each year the council provides around 18,000 new or replacement waste and recycling containers at a cost to council tax payers of £400,000. The £15 charge would cover part of the cost of administration and delivery of the waste containers, but does not pay for the waste containers themselves.

Residents can continue to request a new or replacement waste container online

A decision about the future introduction of charges for waste containers will be made once further investigation of the issues has been completed.