Occasionally, we will write letters as SECra to various organisations, including RBK council and these will be shared on this website for everyone to read.

  • Blue Recycling Bins
    On the 20th February we posted on Sunray Community Facebook group and our local recycling group  – “noticed a lot of paper recycling bins with the same damage on the corner, Have Kingston Council been sold a bunch of cheap recycling bins? Does anyone know when we got our Blue Bins?” We sent a letter … Read more
  • Letter regarding objections to proposed new Policy at Villiers Road Recycling Centre
    The council had proposed to introduce charges to use the Villiers Road Recycling Centre, limit the number of times residents can visit the site and make other changes that would be detrimental to residents. After seeking feedback and thoughts from the community, SECra sent the following letter to the council on Monday 8th February 2021: … Read more