As part of our initiative to brighten up the Sunray & Egmont Estate, make the service roads more accessible and useful and to provide information points around the estate, we will be working over the next few weeks, months and years to install various signs, noticeboards, murals, planters and more!

Latest Updates:

  • Service Roads – Green Corridor
    These are photo’s taken on Monday 19th April 2021 of the service road at the top of Sunray Ave. Depressing aren’t they? Even more so for the amazing volunteers that worked hard in December clearing it completely. This is what they look like now on Monday afternoon after a team of 6 people cleared the … Read more
  • Planter Borders
    This weekend saw the start of a new project on the Sunray Estate. We have been working with Will from Woodwork with Will to create some flower beds around some of the trees on the estate. Will has used recycled wood and made 8 planter borders to the measurements we gave him. He then put … Read more
  • Pardon the weeds, we are feeding the bees
    There has been much talk about setting up wild flower corridors over recent months. During the early part of last spring / summer, due to limited council resource and lock down measures many green spaces such as road side verges were left to grow and natural wild flower corridors were formed. Sunray residents have been … Read more