Did you know as a home owner or tennant it is your responsibility for the spaces both behind and in front of your property. As owner or tenant, you are expected to keep the area clean and tidy around your boundary lines.

Keeping the service roads clear of fly tipping and litter has become an important objective for us, as many residents tell us how unhappy they are with the appearance of some of the seemingly neglected service roads on the estate.

As you will likely have seen, we have set up several initiatives to try and discourage antisocial fly-tipping and we have already supported several residents who have undertaken their own service road clear up.

Each event has been slightly different, but all have been fun and a fantastic opportunity to meet your neighbours. All we often ask is a small donation of £5 to support the necessary equipment for the event.

If the service road behind your house needs some TLC please contact us at hello@secra.org.uk and we will be happy to support you setting something up to sort it out.

So far this year as you can see we have cleared up, Barnsbury Crescent, Woodland Way / Sunray Ave, Vincent Ave / Hazel Bank and last year Meadway / Firdene.

Just to recap, leaving items behind your property is classed as ‘Fly-Tipping’ and it is illegal. As the roads are private we are working with both the police and Kingston council to issue fines to residents who persistently ignore our polite requests for help with this matter.

Ways of getting rid of your unwanted waste:

See the council website: www.kingston.gov.uk 
RBK green bin accepted items – Tins, bottles, cartons etc.
RBK blue bin accepted items – Paper, Cardboard etc.
RBK Black LANDFILL bin – Dirty stuff (clothes), Nappies, Pet litter etc
Broken small electricals can be left with weekly collections i.e. toaster, kettle, hair straighteners, gadgets.

Good Items / Unbroken items:

There are several websites you can use to recycle your items, Freegle, freecycle, FB marketplace, eBay, Tolworth Free, swap for sale, Sunray Community FB page or our new WhatsApp group.

If you do NOT have the time, we have several volunteers that could collect an item to redistribute to the local community or sell on behalf of SunrayRecycle♻️ so please get in touch. 

SunrayRecycle upcycle items and send plastics to TerraCycle to earn pennies for the local community, to find out more check out our FaceBook group. You will be surprised what we RECYCLE ♻️

Good undamaged items can be taken to a charity shop or offered free on social media.

Local People look for:
Glass – jars with lids, pretty bottles, perfume bottles, greenhouse panels,
Woods – furniture, fences, scaffold planks, posts, bamboo sticks,
Plastics – toys, large garden furniture, plant pots,
Other items – electricals, bicycles, kids things, books, records.

Most items someone, somewhere will WANT it – email hello@secra.org.uk to let us know what you have, or post it on the Facebook group.

Metals are often picked up from the side of the road by scrap merchants (if you are doing this please leave a ‘free to take’ note on it with a contact no. & date left outside) if it’s not removed after 24 hours please bring it back onto your property and try again usually Monday – Friday

Clothing that is clean and undamaged, shoes (tied in pairs) handbags & belts etc, can be placed in a bag for local charities, bags are regularly posted through letterboxes! Or it can be taken directly to a charity shop.

Our local RBK reuse and recycling centre is based at 20 Chapel Mill Rd, Kingston KT1 3GZ, see www.kingston.gov.uk for opening times and you will need to provide proof of residence.

Alternatively you can book a bulky waste collection through RBK’s website www.kingston.gov.uk which is currently £35 for 4 items and £55 for 8. (If you are interested in sharing the cost of this with a neighbour, again get in touch with us to discuss options).

Further options include:
Local Skip hire ‘One Waste Clearance’ are available on: 020 8685 9393
or local guy Graham of ‘GSG Waste Ltd’ can be booked for rubbish clearances on: 07929635670.

It causes great distress when items are left behind a property, for both the owner and their neighbours, it also encourages other people who may not live on the estate to think that it is OK to leave more waste on top of the original pile!

Please be a good neighbour.

If you are unable to clear the waste yourself please send an email to hello@secra.org.uk or contact Simon our Secretary on 07811951711.