We have received this email below from Ed Davey MP regarding the rising rates of infection, driven by the Delta (previously called ‘Indian’) strain.

We will pass on more information when we receive it regarding any additional measures or testing facilities, but as always, please remember to reduce the spread of the virus by following the hands, space, face, fresh air guidelines.

Email from Ed Davey MP:

Kingston’s Covid infection rates are rising fast and in the last couple of days they’ve become the highest in London, driven by the Delta strain.

Urgent action is about to begin to try to prevent figures rising to crisis levels experienced in the past, including surge testing and surge vaccination, as we’ve seen in other areas of the country. 

Details will be announced on Kingston Council’s website: https://www.kingston.gov.uk/Covid19-latest 

Please follow all advice.

If you are eligible for the vaccine, please have it – evidence shows the best protection against the Covid-19 comes from having both doses: this is particularly true for the new Delta strain (previously called the “Indian” strain), which has become the main problem this time.

Some constituents are concerned about the transmission in schools as Kingston’s rise in Covid infections is largely being seen in young people aged between 11 and 24.  However, Kingston Council is already working with local schools to ensure appropriate action is taken. More details to follow.

Thank you for reading this – please forward to anyone you know locally.

As we enjoy the return of our freedoms, we must still remember the virus remains active and we must all continue to take precautions to protect others.

Best wishes,

Ed Davey MP
Kingston & Surbiton

Ed Davey MP