Our aim is to reduce landfill and help create a cleaner environment & future for everyone.  To do this, we collect plastics for Terracycle (and we earn pennies to support our community at the same time!) and help & encourage people to re-use / re-purpose as much as possible.

We collect crisp packets, bread bags, confectionery, cake and biscuit wrappers, Ella pouches and lots more, see below for the complete list (click each item to see details/requirements) – you can also join the Facebook Group to find out more and we have a WhatsApp group ‘SunrayRecycle’ – if you would like to be added to this, please email us and let us know your mobile number and we will add you in or if you prefer you can email us directly: sunrayrecycle@gmail.com or text: 07886 552574.

Please do not donate anything that has contained, MEAT, FISH, DAIRY, OILS or SUGARS as these cause a health (and smell) hazard!

When donating, please ensure all items are clean, washed out & dry and if possible, separate into the sections at the Drop-off location – if you have a lot to drop off, you can ‘bulk-drop’ it all in one big bag, but please try and keep similar items together in the bag).

Drop off locations are at:

Sunray Community Hall, next to Knollmead Allotments, KT59QP

WARNING: please be careful of fingers, hands & heads, when lifting the lid as wind can blow it shut!

Collected items: