We accept ALL plastic sweet & chocolate wrappers.

KINDER accept BRAND ONLY wrappers including their chocolate wrappers BUT NOT the cardboard packaging.

Ferrero Rocher Pralines accept BRAND ONLY Plastic Boxes, Trays, Foil & Wrappers, BUT NOT the paper or cardboard.


  • Breakfast, granola and energy bar wrappers
  • Aluminium foil – unless Ferrero Praline
  • Cardboard wrappers
  • Paper wrappers – unless ‘kinder chocolate bar wrapper’ NOT packing
  • Cardboard tubes
  • Metal tins
  • Rigid plastic trays
  • Rigid tubs – these can go in normal RBK plastic recycling
  • QUALITY STREET® wrappers as these are biodegradable via home composting?? Please check this, it may be industrial composting?

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