• Service Roads – Green Corridor
    These are photo’s taken on Monday 19th April 2021 of the service road at the top of Sunray Ave. Depressing aren’t they? Even more so for the amazing volunteers that worked hard in December clearing it completely. This is what they look like now on Monday afternoon after a team … Continue reading Service Roads – Green Corridor
  • Knollmead Allotment & Community projects Survey
    Take the survey here: https://forms.gle/Q5CA1jZS2KJsszj66 This survey is to gather views, opinions, feedback and suggestions from the community & allotment users regarding the various needs & projects that directly affect Knollmead allotments. You do not need to answer all of the questions in this survey and can skip entire sections … Continue reading Knollmead Allotment & Community projects Survey
  • Trigger sprays, Pumps & Screw caps – plastic ONLY
  • SunrayRecycle Shed Proposal
  • Blue Recycling Bins
    On the 20th February we posted on Sunray Community Facebook group and our local recycling group  – “noticed a lot of paper recycling bins with the same damage on the corner, Have Kingston Council been sold a bunch of cheap recycling bins? Does anyone know when we got our Blue … Continue reading Blue Recycling Bins
  • Planter Borders
    This weekend saw the start of a new project on the Sunray Estate. We have been working with Will from Woodwork with Will to create some flower beds around some of the trees on the estate. Will has used recycled wood and made 8 planter borders to the measurements we … Continue reading Planter Borders
  • Pardon the weeds, we are feeding the bees
    There has been much talk about setting up wild flower corridors over recent months. During the early part of last spring / summer, due to limited council resource and lock down measures many green spaces such as road side verges were left to grow and natural wild flower corridors were … Continue reading Pardon the weeds, we are feeding the bees
  • RBK Update: 22 March 2021
    The current infection rate in Kingston is steady – they key messages this week are: National lockdown is still in effect until 29th March. Please do not make any unnecessary journeys / visits. Wherever possible, please stay home and if you need to go out follow the standard hands, face, … Continue reading RBK Update: 22 March 2021
  • Special Committee Meeting
    8pm Weds 24th March via Zoom A special meeting to discuss and vote on changing our constitution to include spending authorisation process and limits.
  • Easter Egg Trail Colouring Templates
    Create or colour in a picture of Easter eggs – place in your window or garden by Thursday 1st April so passers-by can see it and then let us know where your picture(s) are by emailing hello@secra.org.uk or WhatsApp 07940503795 To get you started, below are some templates you can download & … Continue reading Easter Egg Trail Colouring Templates
  • Community Easter Egg Trail
    Fri 2nd – Mon 5th April 2021 Take a stroll around our community and find as many Easter Egg pictures in windows, gardens, posts and trees as you can. Let us know how many you found and get a prize!
  • New version website
    March 2021: Welcome to the new updated SECra website!
  • Letter regarding objections to proposed new Policy at Villiers Road Recycling Centre
    The council had proposed to introduce charges to use the Villiers Road Recycling Centre, limit the number of times residents can visit the site and make other changes that would be detrimental to residents. After seeking feedback and thoughts from the community, SECra sent the following letter to the council … Continue reading Letter regarding objections to proposed new Policy at Villiers Road Recycling Centre
  • Christmas FUN 2020
    Thank you to everyone that joined our Zoom meeting on Sunday 20th or watched via Facebook Live – I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.  You can watch again on Facebook here: https://fb.watch/2w668zhUcJ/ or scroll down this page and watch it right here 🙂 Congratulations to all the winners in … Continue reading Christmas FUN 2020
  • VE Day 75th Anniversary
    We can’t have a full Sunray Social due to the CV-19 lock-down, however, you can have a Stay At Home Street Party by decorating your house in red, white and blue and having a picnic in your front or back garden (as long as it’s just you and people that normally live … Continue reading VE Day 75th Anniversary
  • Scarecrow Festival 1 Gallery
    We had 23 entries in the festival – thank you to everyone that spent time building and displaying them, they were all amazing and brought so much fun and joy to the community! 89 Knollmead : Chatty Scarecrow (talk to it and he will tell you a joke or sing a … Continue reading Scarecrow Festival 1 Gallery
  • Sunray Scarecrow Festival 1
    The very first Sunray Scarecrow Festival was held on Saturday 10th October 2020 and the winners are: We had 22 scarecrows around for you to enjoy – see the full google map for their locations The full list of entries was as follows: (in order of submission) 89 Knollmead : Chatty … Continue reading Sunray Scarecrow Festival 1
  • Christmas Social 2019
    We held the annual SECra Christmas Social, supported by the 6th Tolworth Scouts, on Sunday 15th December 2019 from 14:30 till 16:30 @ at the Community Centre. Everyone was welcome and the event was very well attended. The scouts provided: Face Painting by Helen Popcorn Pick the lolly Throw a … Continue reading Christmas Social 2019
  • Christmas Houses 2019
    This year we held a ‘Best Dressed Christmas House’ competition, judged by Sam Folder-Hughes. Residents decorated their houses and front gardens and the winner of the best dressed house won an amazing hamper of festive goodies!
  • Hygiene Home
    Please Download the attached file to see ALL we accept. Waste that is NOT accepted: Laundry detergent packaging Toilet freshener packaging Aerosols Plastic bottles and tubs Dishwasher liquid bottles, rinse aid packaging Fragrance candles, reeds, plug ins and autosprays Soda crystals packaging Washing machine and oven cleaner packaging Cardboard
  • Water Filters – Aqua Optima ONLY
    Aqua Optima ONLY BRAND Accepted.
  • Pringles BRAND ONLY
    Pringle BRAND ONLY accepted. PLEASE Squash FLAT, ready for packing Can Lid Foil SunrayRecycle Top RECYCLING Tip 🌞♻ Pringle Lids fit on GU: ramekin jars for storing items in the fridge & Freezer
  • The Big Lunch 2019
    organised by: Ajantha Pratheepan On Saturday 3rd August 2019, the first Sunray Community Big Lunch Street Party was held. Over 100 adults and children came along, shared food, listened to some tunes, played some games, relaxed and had fun. If you would like to help out or run an event … Continue reading The Big Lunch 2019
  • Biscuit, Cracker & Cake Bars
    We accept ALL Biscuit, Cracker & Cake Bar Wrappers.
  • Baby Food Pouches – EllaCycle – Yoghurt Pouches
    Please empty & REPLACE cap tightly.
  • Bread Bags
    We accept ALL Bread Loaf Bags. NOT ACCEPTED: Fruit Loaf Bagels Baguette Crumpet Pittas, Naan or Wraps Garlic Bread Tea Cakes Scones Doughnuts Cookies Muffin Cake, Cake bars, or slices – please see Biscuit Cracker & Cake Bars Pancake Waffle Croissants Brioche Pastries Pretzels
  • Confectionery
    We accept ALL plastic sweet & chocolate wrappers. KINDER accept BRAND ONLY wrappers including their chocolate wrappers BUT NOT the cardboard packaging. Ferrero Rocher Pralines accept BRAND ONLY Plastic Boxes, Trays, Foil & Wrappers, BUT NOT the paper or cardboard. NOT ACCEPTED: Breakfast, granola and energy bar wrappers Aluminium foil … Continue reading Confectionery
  • Disposable & Marigold Gloves
    We accept ALL disposable single use Gloves (except those used with bodily fluids and harsh chemicals). Vinyl Nitrile Latex Polyethlene Marigold BRAND ONLY rubber Gloves are also accepted. Please donate in a tied bag – preferably a Bread Bag
  • Crisp Packets
    We accept ALL crisp packets, sharing bags & multipacks We also accept ALL Popcorn, Pretzel & Nut snack packets (excluding meat snacks, seeds & fruit packets) Pringles tubes, lids & foils are PRINGLES BRAND ONLY. No other canned snacks accepted!
  • Easter Egg Hunt 2019
    We were so lucky this year, Easter Saturday 2019 was an absolute scorcher. In Vincent Ave residents set up a fantastic Easter egg hunt along with range of other exciting forms of entertainment for the whole family.  All those who were taking part lined up for the big start at … Continue reading Easter Egg Hunt 2019