Each year the SECra Committee members are voted in at the AGM. The vote is open to everyone that lives within the Sunray & Egmont community area.

To ensure a fair yet anonymous vote you need to first register to vote below. You will then receive an email with your unique voter ID and a link to the voting form. Clicking the link in the email will then pre-fill your unique voter ID on the form and you can select up to 12 people to vote for.

Only your unique voter ID will be stored in your voting form so no-one looking at the results will be able to identify who has voted, however, the co-chairs (and only them) will be able to review the full data if there is a need to verify that duplicate votes have not been cast.

Please complete the form below. If you have any trouble with this form or with voting, please email hello@secra.org.uk and we will be very happy to assist.

Thank you.

Voting has now closed.