These are photo’s taken on Monday 19th April 2021 of the service road at the top of Sunray Ave. Depressing aren’t they? Even more so for the amazing volunteers that worked hard in December clearing it completely.

This is what they look like now on Monday afternoon after a team of 6 people cleared the area for us. The problem is we can’t keep just clearing the rubbish. We have a vision that instead of being a general dumping ground we can re purpose the area into a green walkway. This would create an area where we can walk, our children can play and we have a communal garden for all residents to enjoy.

We have a few ideas but would also like residents to have an opportunity to engage with the project. We will be holding a COVID secure meeting at the top of Sunray Avenue at 11.30 am on 24th April. Please do come and join us. If you are unable to attend but would still like to contribute please leave a comment below.

This is just the start of a project that we hope will also involve Vincent Avenue and Hazelbank in the future. The team will be back next Monday to continue with clearing further along the service road