On 16th April 2021, at an online event attended by some of the many volunteers that helped (and continue to help) during the lockdowns, Cllr Margaret Thompson, Mayor of Kingston, presented the Mayor’s Covid Award for outstanding service to the Royal Borough during the pandemic to the whole of Sunray Community !

“The Sunray Community is the epitome… and an outstanding example… of what can be achieved through kindness and compassion”

“You have kept hope alive through these dark times”.

Cllr Margaret Thompson, Mayor of Kingston

The citation was initially submitted, and then read at the ceremony, by Paul Martin – Chair SECra in recognition of all the amazing people within the Sunray & Egmont Community that continue to help and look after others . The citation is as follows:

Mayor’s Covid Award by The Worshipful the Mayor, Cllr Margaret Thompson to

THE SUNRAY COMMUNITY on Friday 16th April 2021

Madam Mayor, during the last 12 months, Sunray Community has come together to help each other, either through official community projects or just quietly helping their neighbours out.

Some brief examples of this:

When SECra asked for volunteers to help those who had to self-isolate, within 2 days we had 53 volunteers – and they are still helping now.  Leaflets were delivered by Street Reps/volunteers to all 1200 houses and Wendy Francis-White and Pam Taylor organised and matched volunteers with those needing help and made weekly calls to both groups to make sure everything was OK. Gillian, Laura, Aischa & Helen Emmett are here today representing all the amazing volunteers.

12 Street Reps/volunteers put collection boxes out for the local foodbank and Das Khan took all donations every week to Kingston Foodbank and now to the local food parcel service organised by Helen Grocott.  Sibel sourced excess vegetables early in 1st lockdown and shared from her driveway, while Alex sourced and shared items from Iceland.

Janice started ‘books on the wall’ so everyone could grab a new book, and this encouraged other residents to share puzzles, games, and everyday items they no longer needed.

When Kingston hospital asked for rainbow pictures to brighten up the corridors/wards, Simon Green got on the case and received over 100 pictures from young & old residents.

The whole community continues to work together, helping each other wherever they can, and I believe they all truly deserve recognition, so

Madam Mayor, it gives me great pleasure to support the nomination of the Sunray Community for a Mayor’s Covid Award

“Every single one of your volunteers deserves this Award”

Cllr Margaret Thompson, Mayor of Kingston