Please vote for the committee positions listed below.

If you would like to nominate and vote for yourself for one of the roles, please enter your name in the ‘other’ field (You must also email so we can verify your nomination – if you do not then the nomination will be removed.). Note that your name will show in the list of options for anyone that visits this voting page after you have made your nomination, but obviously anyone that has previously voted will NOT be able to vote for you.

If there are no nominations for a role, please select ‘none of the above’ or nominate & vote for yourself 🙂

For the General Committe members section please select all names that you would like to vote onto the committee. For all other roles, you can only select 1 option.

You can only complete the voting form once. If you experience any problems voting, please email and we will do our best to help.

The vote closes at 7pm on Saturday 17th July 2021, which is during the AGM when the results will be announced.

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