Paul Martin: Chair

Techie (digital developer, not IT 🙂 ), allotmenteer and DIY enthusiast. Moved into Knollmead in 2012 and never plan to leave!

Roger Smith: Vice-Chair

My wife and I have lived in Southwood Drive for over 50 and raised our family there. We have never moved because we like it here.. I am now fully retired following a long career in Engineering and Computing. My passion is the Swiss alps. I joined the SECRa committee because I think a strong residents association is good for the community. We can help each other and give the area a voice when needed.

Simon Green: Secretary

I’ve lived in Meadway with my partner Dhiren since 2014. I’ve loved playing a part in developing the sense of community that has built up over the last few months. The Sunray Estate is quickly becoming the best place to live in the whole borough. I don’t have any spare time but I do enjoy the odd holiday! If you’d asked me 2 years ago would I have got involved in something like this I’d have thought you were crazy. Look at me now !

Wendy Francis-White: Treasurer

Lived on Sunray since 2006. Enjoy grandchildren, travelling, books, music and supporting my favourite football team.

Karen Fisher

I’m Karen, I’ve lived in Barnsbury Crescent with my daughter since 2010. It’s actually my dream to leave the Sunray and move to the sea but whilst I’m still here I’m bringing a little bit of the sea to Sunray. #beachclean is collecting and recycling plastic from the beaches around England and I enjoy keeping the streets of the Sunray clean and plastic free. Hope to see you at the next #2minutelitterpick

Janine Martin

We moved to Knollmead in 2012 (the garden blossomed with an array of purples & that’s when we worked out why our house choose us!) We have 2 cats. Our neighbour nicknamed us ‘the borrowers’! And I’ve recently been likened to a modern day ‘Womble’! Hoarding is my habit, ♻Recycling is my ?passion!

Helen Grocott

I’ve lived in Warren Drive South since 2006 with my husband Alex, my 2 energetic children: Matthew and Abbey, our 2 dogs Lynton & Martock, our fish and Matthew’s Leopard Geko Lizard – Gexie!!! As you can imagine, we have a lively household! I love living here, serving on 6th Tolworth Scout’s Exec Committee, and now for SECra too. My aim is to encourage a community spirit & friendliness for all.

Ajantha Pratheepan

Mel Thorpe

I’ve lived on the Sunray for roughly 11 years and like being involved in the community and doing my bit. I’ve previously volunteered for different homeless charities and currently work for the NHS. Feel free to say hello if you see me around.

Jessica Kimbell

I only recently moved to the estate in 2017 but have met so many people in that time and can’t believe how friendly and sociable the area is. I joined the committee to help us grow this sense of community, which I think is a rare and valuable find in London!